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Jacqueline was born in Chile where tango is heard and danced socially. She discovered tango in 1995 in Australia and immediately identified with the music and its lyrics, taking no time for her passion to sink in. Since then she has invested her time in becoming an accomplished dancer, which involves and intimate knowledge of the dance structure, musicality and transmitting the essence of tango as a dance.

As well as perfecting herself as a dancer, one of her major contributions to tango has been that more Australians engage with tango and in doing so are able to transmit the essence of tango as an art; ensuring dancers enjoy its magic and power. Jacqueline as an official representative of The World Tango Festival for Australia and New Zealand worked for The World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires and translating the classes of the most prominent teachers in Argentina which gave her a deep understanding of tango in its different styles.

Jacqueline is one of the directors of Tango Entre Amigos, which is one of the first traditional milongas in Sydney since 2001. She is also one of the founders of Sydney Tango website, a website which lists all tango related events in Sydney. Since 2008 Jacqueline has been participating as a tango teacher in the first empirical study on tango in Australia conducted through the University of New England. The research shows tango as a possible complementary therapy for depression. Jacqueline has carried out six-week tango lesson programs for people who have suffered from depression. See and hear the transcript about the research on ABC’s PM show: http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2008/s2288325.htm

Jacqueline has been teaching tango since 2001. Her teaching focuses on the technique and musicality of the dance ensuring her students experience the magic and power of the dance. Her style of dancing is elegant with precise and fluid footwork and a strong connection.


I loved Tango Music since I saw my parents dancing to it. Learned tango in Europe in 1979 from a teacher A.Davidov. Moving to Australia caused to stop dancing till late 1990s when I re-discovered the tango passion in me.